Artist Statement

Playing with water, brush, pigment – and more water! – never stops. Therefore, watercolor will always be my favorite form of expression.

Watercolor is lively and challenging. It suits my search for an expressive look very well. I love to try new techniques and color compositions when I paint, inspired by the free motion of the pigments in the water.

I am a child of nature, and the landscape is a recurring source of inspirationfor me: I am inspired by the changing light, colors and atmospheres. The Nordic and Arctic climate suits my temperament best, were only the sky is the limit.

My watercolor paintings depict the motion and atmosphere of the moment, the impression of light and changing landscapes. Simultaneously I wish to depict the soul of the subject – whether I am working with people and animals, still life or landscape.

I usually choose figurative motifs, but I work most often through variations, perceptions and abstractions of the sensed impression. When I am in a flow, I work intuitively and in a close dialogue with the painting. In this dialogue coincidenses, the watercolor pigments and my own mood in the specific situation means a lot to the complete painting.

This process often goes on for a a very long period, sometimes years. I need this time to decide what to do to “close” and finish my watercolor paintings. Often the solution comes to me, only when I’m ready to recieve it – understanding excactly what I felt and sensed in the moment I first encountered the motif.

I’m looking for contrasts in my motifs; between light and dark, soft and hard, cold and warm, precise and diffuse. As in life itself, the light lives precisely in the darkness: Adversity, sorrow and gloomy periods provides a necessary contrast to the bright and happy moments.

I exhibit regularly in galleries and art societys.
In addition, I offer courses in modern watercolor painting technique.



Æglageret, Holbæk Denmark
Galleri Dagfinn Bakke, Svolvær, Lofoten Norway
Odsherred Art Days during Withsun
Continuum Movement Art


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