Playing with water, brush, pigment – and more water! – never stops. Therefore, watercolour will always be my favorite form of expression.

Watercolour is lively and challenging. It suits my search for an expressive look very well. I love to try new techniques and colour compositions when I paint, inspired by the free motion of the pigments in the water.

I am a child of nature, and the landscape is a recurring source of inspiration for me: I am inspired by the changing light, colours and atmospheres. The Nordic and Arctic climate suits my temperament best, where only the sky is the limit.

All of my watercolour paintings are painted with light-fast colours on acid-free Arches watercolor paper.

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Whitsun, June 4th – 6th 2022

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Watercolour Painting Course, Lofoten
October 17th – 24th 2022

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